HIREDuxbury Events

A win-win for young adults and community organizations.

HIREDuxbury events brings students together with community organizations through paid work and volunteer opportunities.

Job seekers and volunteers get inspired by a variety of career pathways, practicing interview skills and evaluating the best opportunity that will meet their interests and availability.

It’s a win for job seekers and a huge win for local businesses and nonprofits.

While these events are held twice a year, the impact extends the entire year through via our evergreen HIREDuxbury website.

DSU provides support throughout the year whether it’s HIREDuxbury events or other networking opportunities; encouraging students to practice the valuable skill of asking for help and self-advocacy.

Students ask:

  • Can you help me work through peer challenges?
  • Can you connect me to an employer or internship?
  • Can you read my college essay?
  • Help me find volunteer opportunities?
  • Can you find me babysitting opportunities?

Students know DSU will provide community centric, big world experiences and help them navigate what’s possible.

Duxbury Student Union

Community Youth Center & After School Programming, Duxbury, MA