Duxbury Student Union
2021 Annual Appeal
Your generous gift provides need-based scholarships for camps and after school programs. Learn how DSU is a slam dunk for Grady!
Student Spotlight: Grady
Duxbury Student Union
2021 Annual Appeal
Your generous gift inspires global citizenship. Learn how Kiley developed a passion for leadership and advocacy.
Student Spotlight: Kiley

Please give to DSU!

Our 2021 Annual Appeal is here! Please consider a generous gift to Duxbury Student Union so that we may continue to bring critical resources to youth and families.

Community Job Fair Nov. 16 & 18 @5:30pm

We're connecting Duxbury Businesses with Students seeking employment and volunteer opportunities. Sponsored by DSU and Eastern Bank.

Attention business owners! Please answer a few questions about your hiring needs and plans for Holly Days.

Calling all High School and College-age young adults seeking employment and volunteer opportunities. Register now!

There's Always Something Awesome Happening Here

DUXBURY BUSINESS OWNERS!! We've seen your HELP WANTED signs, and social media posts sharing limited hours due to staffing shortages. DSU together with Eastern Bank are on a HIREDuxbury mission to connect motivated teens and graduates with local businesses before the holiday season. If your business is hiring or if you know someone looking for part time work, please send them to our LINK IN BIO. Interviews are November 16th and 18th from 5:30-7:30pm.
Got questions? Email admin@duxburystudentunion.org
Let's get our young people hired while supporting local businesses. Together we can SHOP, EAT, and WORK LOCAL.

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DSU is National Honor Society's preferred volunteer partnership, and boy, are the feelings mutual!! 🥰 Every day, DSU is lucky enough to have 1-3 NHS tutors volunteer in our classrooms, in the blender, and in outdoor games. The kids especially enjoy their company, not only because our NHS tutors are all totally awesome, but because they are more like peers who might share with a student, "I had this teacher!" or "I remember learning multiplication this way." They bring such a level of joy to learning and we could not be more grateful to our NHS tutors ❤️ ...

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Comin' at you with another Habit of Mind! This week and next, our young people will be diving into what it means to think flexibly. Sometimes the vote for a game isn't in our favor, or we forget to announce a Mask Hero, or forget to bring our green folder home. In the moment, these instances can feel like the end of the world. "Why didn't anyone pick my game?" or "I worked so hard all day to be the Mask Hero," or "I'll never get my homework done." These are all situations that our kids are completely capable of handling with the right tools. Having a flexible state of mind, will encourage our kids to try that new game, or show great mask behavior the following day, or ask a friend from class if our staff can photocopy the worksheet that was sent home.
DSU is a supportive environment that allows young people the independence to work through everyday obstacles, while still guiding and assuring them that together, we will work this out.
What are some other moments you could encourage your child to think flexibly during?
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We can't thank our clean up crew enough for helping us clear fallen branches from last week's storm. 🍃 Our young people took such initiative and shared among the group, "Let's just move the branches together so we can make room to play snack-time Sharks & Minnows." Each kid picked up 30 sticks and the job was done in less than 10 minutes!! 💪🏽
Thank you to the Town of Duxbury for doing the heaviest lifting (literally) and allowing our kids to keep playing in the backyard! We are so grateful of this space. ❤️

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Sign-up for DSU's Proud to be an American Veteran's Day Camp is live and filling quickly! 🏅 Join us on November 11th for military-style fitness challenges, American trivia, art projects, and a walking field trip to the Duxbury American Legion for their Veteran's Day service. 🇺🇸 The experience our kids have meeting Veterans and hearing their stories is so invaluable and important to continuing their legacy. Join us in honoring their brave service to our country!! ❤️💙

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Going Division 1 for Kickball

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We hear this often from our after-school kids, but it's a certain type of special to hear this from our National Honor Society tutors at the high school 🥰 DSU is so lucky to be building intergenerational relationships with kids, young adults, parents, and community members!! Thank you Duxbury families for allowing us a place in your students' lives ❤️✨
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The Blender Cafe offers a selection of healthy after school snacks for sale starting at 3 pm for Middle School & High School students and at 3:30 pm for Alden Students. Punch cards purchased online are ready for your students at DSU.

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