Alden After School

2022 - 2023 Overview

DSU focuses on the whole child, providing a safe, supervised environment with a culture of respect and accountability.

The big world is everything, therefore we infuse current event discussion into engaging curriculum.  We encourage young people to learn about and participate in experiences that are bigger than us  –  locally, nationally and across the globe.

DSU offers opportunities for discussion beyond the school day; we encourage thoughtful conversations, where they can share their perspectives on a range of age appropriate topics.   

After School Curriculm

DSU utilizes the Habits of Mind curriculum created by Kallick and Costa throughout the year so that students can ponder and put into practice the 16 Habits of Mind with a sense of awareness and perspective. As a result, we’ve found students to be kinder and more empathetic to developing these skills and behaviors in social, academic and backyard settings. 

Physical Activities

We celebrate all the physical, social and cognitive benefits of the backyard with an oversized equipment bag of traditional and creative backyard games. Students develop new and emerging motor skills as well as learn important lessons in teamwork, persistence and humility. There’s always a mix of old and new games so that students can master new skills while also enjoying the “fan favorites”.  Teams are chosen by kids with respect for all ages and abilities. Kids walk off the field knowing they had fun, they tried their best and that the final scores don’t matter. 

Structured Daily Homework

Students enjoy structured daily homework time, learning and reinforcement of executive function study skills, opportunity to participate in academic enrichment such as spelling games, jeopardy trivia, Kahoots and fun activities enjoyed in our 2020 Virtual Playground.  They also have access to teacher recommended resources.

2022 - 2023 DSU Alden After School Tuition Rates*

Alden Annual Tuition 15% Deposit Monthly Tuition (10 mos.)
2-day $2544.00 $381.60 $216.24
3-day $3625.20 $543.78 $308.14
4-day $4788.00 $718.20 $406.98
5-day $5,197.00 $779.63 $441.79

*Program deposits, fees and monthly tuition are non-refundable. DSU programming is a year long commitment. Changes to schedules are not guaranteed.

A program deposit with a commitment to a 10-month payment plan is required in addition to the forms to fulfill your student’s registration. The annual enrollment fee includes one snack per day and all necessary supplies for supervised recreation, cooking projects, arts and crafts projects, enrichment programs and daily structured homework time.

Sibling Discounts

A sibling discount of 5% off the total tuition is provided to families enrolling more than one child. A discount of 5% will be applied to each monthly payment.


Scholarships are available for after school and camp programs. Please write to Scholarships are reviewed on a rolling basis by the Board of Directors.

Sibling discounts and scholarships cannot be combined.

Daily Schedule

The DSU After School Program is offered Monday through Friday from 1:50pm to 5pm. Families can choose from 2, 3, 4 or 5 Day Programming. DSU will do its best to accommodate all choices but cannot guarantee availability of your preferred enrollment days. Priority will be given to registrants enrolling into 4 or 5 day programming.


1:50pm — Meet at Alden – Sign-in with DSU Staff followed by a supervised walk to DSU.

2:00pm — Arrival at DSU – Stow personal items followed by hand washing and new masks provided. A snack & drink is included in the program fee.

2:30 to 3:00pm — Outdoor games 

3:00pm – 3:30pmHomework Center featuring staff assistance, study skills, enrichment and quiet reading time.

3:30 to 5:00pm — Students can purchase a snack from the Blender Cafe. Then choose from a variety of indoor/outdoor programs

5:00pm Pick-up by parent or authorized adult. Children may be picked up at any time during the afternoon. Advance notice is appreciated so the child is aware and can be ready.