After School Programs

2024-2025 Enrollment is Now Open!

This year we have moved our enrollment system to the Sawyer platform.  Please bear with us as we navigate this change together. We hope you find the system easy-to-use.  If you have any technical difficulties during registration, please reach out to us for assistance at admin@duxburystudentunion.org.

To enroll, visit the DSU 2024-2025 After School Enrollment page.  But first,  please review the following important notes and tuition fees prior to registering.

Important Notes

  1. In Sawyer, a “SEMESTER” refers to a FULL SCHOOL YEAR. DSU programming is a yearlong commitment. At this time, Sawyer could not update the language to read “YEAR”.
  2. If you are registering multiple children, please use the coupon code: “siblings”. You will receive a 5% discount on each of your children’s annual enrollment.
  3. The deposit equals 15% of the annual enrollment fee.
  4. The first of 10 remaining payments representing the balance will occur monthly starting 9/1/24
  5. If you choose to pay directly from your bank account (ACH), you are invited to use the coupon code “ACH” at checkout to receive a discount.
  6. Payment in full by check is also welcome, to avoid processing fees. Please use coupon code “PAYINFULL” at checkout, and submit full payment before 8/1/24.
  7. DSU is a yearlong contract and deposits are nonrefundable. Changes to schedules can be made before July 1st. Reductions requested during the school year can only be honored when there is a family wait-listed awaiting placement in programming.
  8.  Please download and review the 2024/2025 Parent Handbook. You will be asked to read and sign off when enrolling.

Alden After School 2024-2025 Tuition

Alden Programming Annual Tuition* Deposit 15% Monthly Tuition (10 mos.)
2 Day $3,004.00 $451.00 $255.30
3 Day $4,147.00 $622.00 $352.50
4 Day $5,277.00 $792.00 $448.50
5 Day $5,567.00 $835.00 $473.20

DMS CEO Program 2024-2025 Tuition

Grade Annual Tuition Deposit Monthly Tuition (10 mos.)
6 $3,558.00 $534.00 $302.40
7 $3,202.00 $480.00 $272.20
8 $2,881.00 $432.00 $244.90

Duxbury Student Union

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