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Duxbury Student Union (DSU) serves young people of all ages through mission-based programs designed to nurture development of social and life skills, to inspire worldly curiosity and global citizenship, and to introduce a variety of academic, college and career pathways.

Our EEC certified After School Programs feature the Habits of Mind Curriculum and innovative daily programming to reinforce kindness and empathy toward ourselves and others around us, while encouraging self-management and independent learning.

Learn more about our Alden After School Program and our DMS CEO Program, including pricing and schedules for 2024-2025. 

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We've added a bonus DSUmmer Camp week - 3 days starting June 18th. There is still limited space available in our other camps. Check it out!

DSU is Duxbury's Youth Center

The Duxbury Student Union is a registered nonprofit organization in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Located  in the center of the school  campus in the historic Wright Building, the DSU is uniquely positioned to serve youth and families with our EEC certified After School Programs (funded by program enrollment fees) and mission-oriented programs funded by community donors and benefactors.

Although DSU operates independently from the Town and Schools, we strive to maintain strong partnerships with both; supporting their initiatives and augmenting resources and programming for the entire community.

The DSU After School Program is self-funded through program enrollment fees. 

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College Application Survival

Duxbury Student Union 147 St. George Street, Duxbury, MA, United States

Is your rising senior interested in a College App jump start in August? The College Application opens August 1st. We have limited space for rising seniors (from local towns) to […]

HIREDuxbury was a huge success!

DSU’s signature spring event “HIREDuxbury” connects local businesses and nonprofits with motivated young adults seeking employment. This year the event relocated to Duxbury High School to accommodate over 300 attendees.

Job seekers were inspired by Dan Hassett of Levitate and then met with businesses and nonprofits for jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. Job and volunteer seekers can find postings at HIREDuxbury.org.

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