Our 2019 Annual Appeal is here!

It’s our biggest fundraising initiative of the year. Help us continue to bring innovative programs to Duxbury youth and families. Read our 2019 Annual Appeal Letter.

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Synapses are firing this morning! 💯 focus and you can hear a pin drop. Hybrid learning has students in the zone! #duxburyma #dsuwherememoriesaremade #hybridlearning ...

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Kids say the darnedest things so we polled them on what they love about hybrid learning. The DSU team gets 👍 💪 🔥 ✅ #duxburyma #hybridlearning #dsuwherememoriesaremade ...

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They may not be voting age but they know what they believe in. Treat everyone as you would want to be treated. #vote ...

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Building an outdoor classroom requires calling in the expertise of Troop 62 Copperheads, combined with a lil’ Hope. Thank you for being part of DSU’s circle of life, giving back to DSU’s Learn From Anywhere padawans. #duxburyma #dsuwherememoriesaremade #hybridlearning ...

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Rest In Peace RBG knowing your viewpoint, diligence and advocacy improved the lives of Americans for many years to come. Thank you for protecting the rights for all. ...

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Go big or go home! It’s been our mantra this week to give students the best hybrid experience possible. Declan showed great persistence finding the largest 🍁 in the nature scavenger hunt. First week, done & dusted. Our students are awesome, our staff are phenomenal & Covid, we have huge respect but you can’t stop us from having FUN! #duxburyma #dsuwherememoriesaremade ...

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This is a meeting of the minds with @aldendux Mr. E & Mr. Chris Gosselin and @jmcdermott916 & @aussiesues talking multiple plans for the upcoming school year. No doubt it’s going to look different but still the same values of innovation, inclusion, collaboration & F-U-N kids have come to expect! #duxbury #dsuwherememoriesaremade ...

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After School

Learn more about our MA Dept. of EEC licensed After School Programs featuring social connection, “backyard” play, and emphasis on organization.


All DSU events are age appropriate, safe, supervised, with a culture of respect and accountability. Learn more about our unique dances, parties, and team dinners.


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Located in the center of the school campus in the historic Wright Building, DSU is the epicenter for youth and the perfect landing pad for busy teens.