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It’s our biggest fundraising initiative of the year, and with COVID, it’s our ONLY fundraising event! Please make a donation to help us continue to support Duxbury youth and families.

Read our 2020 Annual Appeal Letter to learn how we made lemonade from this year’s lemons.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mother like special women who have been our rock this year bringing calm in a discombobulating world. With much love & gratitude from the DSU women led, goal kicking, fun loving, dream team. ❤️ ...

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Students and families, please bring your strength & spirit tomorrow to move the Global Pandemic Stone from St. Margaret’s Convent to DSU. 12noon - 1:30pm. Arrive at DSU for a short ceremony. Join us on the route or if you want the ultimate mind, body & spirit experience, do the entire 2.5 mile route. Walk to honor those lost to world pandemics, including Covid. ...

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Our peeps are everything! Shout out to Duxbury kids who have navigated every twist and turn this year with such resilience and empathy. We are so excited to see all our peeps on campus next week. ...

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Support these two awesome candidates for School Committee on Tuesday, March 23rd. Your vote counts on Saturday, March 27th. ...

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Top of the morning! We are so lucky to have the talented @jmcdermott916 bring a bit of Irish spirit to our students day. Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️ ...

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Learn more about our MA Dept. of EEC licensed After School Programs featuring social connection, “backyard” play, and emphasis on organization.


All DSU events are age appropriate, safe, supervised, with a culture of respect and accountability. Learn more about our unique dances, parties, and team dinners.


We achieve our mission to connect Duxbury youth with big world opportunities through four simple values: collaboration, inclusion, innovation and a whole lot of FUN! Learn More


Located in the center of the school campus in the historic Wright Building, DSU is the epicenter for youth and the perfect landing pad for busy teens.