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It’s our biggest fundraising initiative of the year, and with COVID, it’s our ONLY fundraising event! Please make a donation to help us continue to support Duxbury youth and families.

Read our 2020 Annual Appeal Letter to learn how we made lemonade from this year’s lemons.

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We’ve got a lot to celebrate and it’s our hybrid learners who are the real MVPs. It’s been an absolute joy to support 80 families this semester. We are happy sad to see them head back to school but it means we can shift gears, delivering more fun After School. Let’s GO! #duxburyma #hybridlearning #dsuwherememoriesaremade



I have a dream that that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men (and women) are created equal.” May MLK’s words still guide us today.



Happy Birthday to this Hybrid Learning Shero @livanello & no better celebration than cake pops with these Cohort A super stars! ❤️💪🍡 #dsuwherememoriesaremade #duxburyma



“Like Beyonce, I excel as a solo artist.” Hybrid learning might feel a little distant but DSU is here to help students thrive on independence, while enjoying the collaboration & connection of their peers. #dsuwherememoriesaremade #duxburyma #hybridlearning



Come on, do it for the kids! Be an MVP & donate today. We’ve caught the curve balls & made lemonade out of lemons but seriously the struggle has been real this year. We are incredibly grateful of our donor to double all donations and to YOU, who make it happen. Together let’s light up 2021! Donate at www.duxburystudentunion.org #dsuwherememoriesaremade #duxburyma



Wishing you the happiest of holidays from everyone at the Duxbury Student Union. #dsuwherememoriesaremade #duxburyma



We believe in YOU! Cue the confetti for all our hybrid learners aka Gen Z Baby Zoomers. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. Happy Holidays & enjoy the well earned break!



Studying for Force & Motion unit test is more fun when turned into a game! No state of inertia here. These student engineers are ready to accelerate with force with 100% capacity. #hybridlearning #dsuwherememoriesaremade #duxburyma



Missing family this Thanksgiving? Scan this QR code to create some of the best virtual memories with our Family Game Night. Scan, share & make this a viral sensation. #dsuwherememoriesaremade #duxburyma #virtualthanksgiving #familygamenight



After School

Learn more about our MA Dept. of EEC licensed After School Programs featuring social connection, “backyard” play, and emphasis on organization.


All DSU events are age appropriate, safe, supervised, with a culture of respect and accountability. Learn more about our unique dances, parties, and team dinners.


We achieve our mission to connect Duxbury youth with big world opportunities through four simple values: collaboration, inclusion, innovation and a whole lot of FUN! Learn More


Located in the center of the school campus in the historic Wright Building, DSU is the epicenter for youth and the perfect landing pad for busy teens.