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Today’s camper’s challenge was to create the safest egg mission to Mars. They were given a bunch of random supplies to protect & then project their eggs hoping they made it safely to their final destination. #duxburyma #duxburykids #dsuwherememoriesaremade ...

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Every day is a good day to share the love #pride #duxburypride ...

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DSU awards…nothing better than being recognized for your superpowers to bring joy & kindness to the 🌎. Kids were the real MVPs this year! ...

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Happy Birthday Kyle Schramm, man of history, outdoor adventures and film. Hope your day is filled with celebration & cake. ...

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Congratulations DHS class of 2021. Soak in all the feels and enjoy the celebrations of a wonderful chapter completed. The future is bright. Go get it! ...

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Honoring all who serve our country. Thank you. Photo credit to @karenwongphoto ...

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