Network How, Network Wow!

Young adults gain valuable networking skills

This is an evening of networking, interview skills, summer employment and internship opportunities for high school teens and young adults.

Job seekers and career builders will learn the art of networking and fine tune interview tips and then meet business professionals in mock and real interviews for summer paid employment, internships, job shadowing or mentoring.

Prior keynote speakers at this event include:

Sarah Reardon, Franchise Owner of Orange Theory Fitness – Hanover & Kingston; 

Andrew Rees, CEO of Crocs

Norm Laviolette, Co Founder and CEO of The Improv Asylum. 

Each of these professional shared insights into their own career development. They offered their overall perspective on what it takes to be a successful leader in their respective fields.

Students have been connected to numerous potential employers and had the opportunity to apply to hundreds of jobs at DSU’s Network How Network Now event.

The event is free to all Duxbury students and recent grads.

Board of Directors

2021 - 2022

Gretchen O’Donnell | President
Sue Bradford | Executive Director
Cate Adams | Treasurer
Jodi Enggasser | Secretary
Sean Dadsetan-Foley
Laurel Deacon
Katie Ray
Sarah Reardon
Bridget Pratt