Meet Carly

Carly developed her passion for mentoring and inclusion at DSU.

At a young age Carly loved how volunteering made her feel. She was a thoughtful role model at DSU, in the classroom, in the swimming pool and among her peers.

Her kind disposition and ability to connect was appreciated by underclassmen and she created brave spaces for middle schoolers to talk about academics, mental health, respecting identities and setting goals.

The journey starts here, and we can’t do it without you!

Help us do more to build confident and passionate global citizens like Carly, Robbie and Liv.

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A letter from Carly to DSU

DSU has meant so much to me over the years and has truly shaped me to be the student I am to this day.

The CEO Program specifically, taught me important skills such as time management, good work ethic, and the importance of communication.

The friendships I made through DSU have continued to this day and I am still talking to those who I met through this program.

In all honesty, I do not think I would be attending UVM if it wasn’t for DSU, the CEO Program, and the amazing people who had helped me through my middle school years. As I got older, I loved every second working with and mentoring the students who are currently attending DSU. Going back and being able to help, like those who helped me, has been a very rewarding experience and one that I knew I wanted to be apart of since being in the program.

One of my favorite memories of attending DSU has to be just hanging out with the students in the CEO program and older students downstairs in the homework room and talking.

Sue, Jess and all the students at DSU made a big impact on me.

— Carly

Duxbury Student Union

Community Youth Center & After School Programming, Duxbury, MA