Listen. Learn. Lead

Duxbury teens learn leadership skills

Whether a high school junior, senior or even a graduate, students in Duxbury are at some point asked to step up and lead a project, a cause or maybe even a team. For some the experience is natural, for others it can be nerve wracking. Being an effective leader requires work, very few people can wing it, you need to have a plan with clearly defined goals, know your audience, what motivates them, how to communicate in a way that resonates and inspires them to act, and be ready to redirect or switch gears should things go awry.

Fast becoming an essential skill for all students, the Duxbury Student Union hosted the first leadership workshop of its kind in March of 2020. It was open and free of cost to high school juniors, seniors and Duxbury graduates, and included a panel of industry leaders who shared their insights and secrets to successful leadership in diverse and inclusive environments.

This in-depth, interactive and highly relatable panel discussion was followed by exercises where participants gained a better understanding of their own leadership style. They learn about other styles, preparing themselves to build more effective professional relationships.

This free DSU program helps students to be better leaders, setting them up for successful outcomes while inspiring them to do better in all aspects of life.

Board of Directors

2021 - 2022

Gretchen O’Donnell | President
Sue Bradford | Executive Director
Cate Adams | Treasurer
Jodi Enggasser | Secretary
Sean Dadsetan-Foley
Laurel Deacon
Katie Ray
Sarah Reardon
Bridget Pratt