Global Pandemic Stone Walk

In May of 2021, Duxbury commemorated the over 575,000 lives lost in the US and the staggering 3 million lives worldwide due to the coronavirus. The Global Pandemics Stone was on a bereavement journey throughout the Commonwealth, and will be pulled to New York City later in 2021 before it goes overseas. The Duxbury Student Union was honored to walk the stone from St. Margaret’s Convent on Harden Hill to the DSU, where it was available to students and teachers for a week.

This moving memorial was created by The Peace Abbey Foundation (whose directors are Duxbury residents), specifically to be moved, so as to help grieving hearts on the long and difficult road of bereavement.  The Pandemics Stone is where grief, sympathy, healing and compassion intersect. Students embraced the opportunity to express sympathy and empathy for those who suffered loss due to the pandemic.

Board of Directors

2021 - 2022

Gretchen O’Donnell | President
Sue Bradford | Executive Director
Cate Adams | Treasurer
Jodi Enggasser | Secretary
Sean Dadsetan-Foley
Laurel Deacon
Katie Ray
Sarah Reardon
Bridget Pratt